Facebook 5 Star Reviews

Jimmy – Maryland
Express Window Films is amazing – made the switch about six months ago. Film is great to work with. Only regret I have is not switching a long time ago. Thank you for making a great product and my customers love it.

Bill – Florida
Here in Florida, we have seen and experienced every type of film failure over the many years we have been in business. Switch to Global from Express about 8 years ago…haven’t had a single failure. In Florida this is important because I HATE doing stuff over.

Michael – Ohio
They are all awesome! They’ve had my back for almost 10 years now. Love the product, always here for me and I’m glad they are a part of my team and business!

John – Kentucky
Howard and his staff are a pleasure to do business with and why we’ve done business with them for the last 12 years.

Clayton – Ohio
Exceptional team never had an issue, high quality products…

Monique – North Carolina
Great product – unparalleled customer service – lifetime warranty. It’s been my #1 film for 4 years now. I HAVEN’T HAD EVEN ONE FAIL OR COME BACK. That says it all…

Roger – Norway
Very good service, always helping me answering questions I have and giving tips. Good product to tint cars with and always great service.

Nate – Maine
OUTSTANDING customer service – keep up the great work!

Steve – New York
Great products and fast shipping! I have been using their products for 6 years with no issues.

Athena – Maryland
Used them for years! Andrew & Pasquale always great! Love this company always willing to help!

Randy – Florida
Great films and the customer service is impeccable.

Nice Things Dealers Say

Shawn – Virginia
It was certainly the best thing that has happened to my architectural window tinting business for a long time. Click To View

Belinda – Florida
I will say, I’m very impressed with Express /Global and how their products are surpassing so many in the leaderboard. I’m thankful to be part of the family.

Jonathan – Michigan
I love Express – It’s all I install. My customers love the factory matching color and shade. Best film I’ve used in 18 years.

Jack – New York
I’ve been buying from Howard and the crew for 30yrs. Why change? Great film, never see customer till they get a new car.

James – Delaware
I’ve been using Classic Charcoal and Classic Black for about 3 years and have zero complaints.

Albert – Puerto Rico
Classic Black is a great film. I have 15% on the back glass of my pickup truck now over 5 years plus, and it still looks perfect.

Craig – Maine
I just want to send a quick thank you from myself, and all my customers for providing the highest quality films. I use the Classic Black 1.5 mil on all my clients’ vehicles and have had none come back with any problems. No fading or adhesion issues at all. Again, I thank you very much for the excellent products as well as outstanding customer service.

Mark – Florida
I have been in the window film business for many years and it seems like every time I investigate a new supplier, the first thing they want to know is how much film I buy a year. With Express, they asked, how can we help.

Ed – Florida
The best service and films. Classic Black is the best. And their commercial films last with no worries.

Randy – Florida
Express Window Films was my first film choice, and still is a good selling film for me.

Tom – Massachusetts
Been buying film from Howard for 25+ years, he has always set the bar on customer service.

Hormouz – California
I buy Global QDP from Express. Not only does it match nicely, it also lasts a long time. With thousands of installs in the hot part of California, and not a single return in 8 years.

Chuck – California
Been using Express since I started in 2011. No issues at all and I live in the desert

Will – North Carolina
Been using Express products for around 8 years and get asked all the time, why not LLumar or 3M. It’s very simple…customer service! Not once have I called with a question that they weren’t quick and non-hesitant to answer. Awesome products, awesome staff and amazing warranty. I will continue to use and install their products for many years to come.

Steve – California
Global films from Express are outstanding, shrink like no other, quick drying, virtually no fingers or distortion, sticks well to all dot matrix, absolutely NO color change. I’ve used QDP for many years and NO warranty issues.

Daniel – Indiana
Global from Express is a SOLID film. It is every bit as good as LLumar used to be and much less too. Been using Express version of QDP since 2008 and have NEVER made a warranty claim or seen any failure. Bet the farm on it and you will reap a windfall profit.

Diane – Florida
Your QDP Ceramic is the best film I’ve ever worked. It actually is a pleasure to use. We all love the Global film – makes our installs so much quicker due to the thicker mil film. You shrink it, install and walk away with no touch up most of the time.