DR Night View Ceramic Custom Cut

Product ID: DR Custom Series:



Options Available:

VLT : 45% • 35% • 25% • 15% • 05%
Width : 24” • 30” • 36” • 48” • 60” • 72”
Length : 1” Increments • Minimum 12” • Maximum 180”

Order Placement Is Simple

Custom Cut is available in six standard roll widths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”. Select your VLT, length and width for each glass pane. Your film tubes will arrive according to your specifications with a little extra film added to the length. For job site convenience, the film tubes are individually marked and rolled with the special polypropylene liner facing in, making roll drop installations quick and easy. And because there’s no need to purchase an entire roll, there’s no extra inventory tying up your profits. Shipping and handling are free for all orders $500 or greater. There is a $12 custom cut handling fee for any order that includes a custom cut item.  Product returns are not allowed for this item as the film is custom cut to size.

Lead time for custom cut may range between 7 to 10 days as all orders are fulfilled from our East Coast Service Center.

Extra Film

As a failsafe measure, consider adding one extra piece to your order, large enough to be used as a replacement for any of the pieces you ordered – just in case.


NameDR Night View Ceramic Custom Cut
SeriesDual Reflective
VLT Options45, 35, 25, 15, 05
WarrantyResidential: Life | Commercial: 12 Year
Film-To-Glass Approval*Single Pane <100SF | Dual-Pane <40SF

*See EWF Catalog #7420 Film-To-Glass Installation Guide Chart and EWF Catalog #7410 Window Film & Glass Compatibility Booklet.

Performance Specifications

Visible Light Transmission
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Luminous Efficacy
Shading Coefficient
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Total Solar Transmittance
Total Solar Reflectance
Total Solar Absorbtance
Visible Light Reflectance (Int)
Visible Light Reflectance (Ext)
Ultraviolet Rejected
Glare Reduction
Winter Median U-Value

Film Construction

Ply2 Ply
Thickness2.0 Mil
MetalVapor Deposition
ColorDye Free
AdhesiveDry Adhesive
Scratch ResistantYes