ST Clear – 8M / 12M

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PLEASE NOTE:  8M and 12M security film products are excluded from free shipping for orders over $500.00.  Thank you.


NameST Clear
CategorySafety & Security
SeriesClear Safety & Security
Thickness Options12 Mil, 8 Mil
WarrantyResidential: Life | Commercial: 12 Year
Film-To-Glass Approval*Single Pane <100SF | Dual-Pane <40SF

*See EWF Catalog #7420 Film-To-Glass Installation Guide Chart and EWF Catalog #7410 Window Film & Glass Compatibility Booklet.

Performance Specifications

Visible Light Transmission
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Luminous Efficacy
Shading Coefficient
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Total Solar Transmittance
Total Solar Reflectance
Total Solar Absorbtance
Visible Light Reflectance (Int)
Visible Light Reflectance (Ext)
Ultraviolet Rejected
Glare Reduction
Winter Median U-Value
12 Mil87160.900.970.84851141211>99131.070.89
8 Mil87180.900.970.82851141211>99131.070.89

Film Construction

Ply2 Ply (1 Ply on 2 Mil Only)
Thickness12 Mil, 8 Mil
MetalMetal Free
ColorDye Free
AdhesivePressure Adhesive
Scratch ResistantYes